Victory BCAA | Post Workout Recovery

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Victory is our anti-catabolic intra and post workout BCAA! Victory's unique and revolutionary formula not only aides the body in recovery and muscle growth, but it also replenishes the body with vitamins and electrolytes lost during exercise. With its advanced formulation designed to surpass the competition, Victory represents the final finish to another successful workout. Purchase a container of Victory today!

  • Intra/post Workout BCAA
  • Maximize recovery time
  • 2:1:1 BCAA Ratio
  • Includes Amino 9(TM)

Victory BCAA

Victory BCAA is an ultra-potent intra and post workout recovery drink designed for athletes that push themselves to the limit in the gym. If you're looking to maximize recovery times with a high quality BCAA formula; look no further. Stop catabolism and purchase a bottle of Victory today!

Potassium Chloride- 75mg



L-Isoleucine- 1250mg

L-Valine- 1250mg

Amino 9(TM)- 3000mg

Serving Size: 1 Scoop 

Servings per Container: 30

Ingredients: See label image above. 

Mix 1 level scoop with 12-24oz of water. For optimal results consume during exercise and/or post-workout

How to stack: Victory BCAA stacks well with the entire Nutra Innovations Line. For weight loss, we suggest stacking Victory with Burn Xtreme. For muscle gain, you should considering stacking Victory with our patent pending muscle builder, 3AD!