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MonoPUMP 90ct Muscle Pump

Extreme Muscle Fullness

Immune System Booster

Enhanced Muscle Growth

Take 3-5 Capsules before working out for an intense PUMP!

What Is MonoPUMP And How Exactly Does It Work?

MonoPUMP is essentially Monolaurin and ingredient that’s been around for a long time but only used as an immune system boosting ingredient. It is found in coconut milk and breast milk which have endless beneficial uses. It is a molecule composed of 1 part glycerol and 1 part lauric acid. MonoPUMP increases blood volume by water retention, utilizing the inherent, hydrophilic property of glycerols, enhanced environmental temperature tolerance and body temperature regulation by improved hydration status. The glycerol is proposed to help “hyperhydrate” the body by increasing biding water to increase blood volume. This helps delay dehydration and expand muscle size analogous to a pump when msucles are contracted during exercise. Imagine training your biceps, as the muscles begin to contract blood pumps through the muscle, the muscles stay swollen as the water bound to the glycerine stays in the muscles and keep them voluminous while the blood goes back into his general circulation.

What Are The Benefits For Athletes?

Endurance and both weight training athletes benefit immensely by using MonoPUMP, especially if engaged in strenuous training or competition in hot environments. MonoPUMP helps hydrate the tissues, increase blood volume and delay fatigue and exhaustion associated with dehydration.

How Do We Know It Work?

There is plenty of scientific evidence to prove the effectiveness of MonoPUMP as well as studies demonstrating the benefits of glycerol to increase hydration. During physical exercise monolaurin helps store water which hydrates the muscle group resulting in a strong pump. This swelling is characteristic of water retention and acts preferentially in muscle as reported by users. The bloated puffy look does not appear to be a side effect of MonoPUMP based on user trials.

What Is The Effective Dosage?

We are finding after many trials that the dosage is dependent on bodyweight. A larger individual will carry more water and require a higher dose. We recommend 4 capsules for users 150-185lbs, 5 capsules for users 190-225lbs and 6 capsules for anyone over 225lbs. This dosage can be slightly reduced if MonoPUMP is taken with a preworkout drink mix.

1-Lauroyl-glycerol: 650mg

Other Ingredients: Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin

Serving Size: 1 Capsule

Servings per Container: 180

Take 4-5 capsules 15-30 minutes before working out.

How to Stack: MonoPump is a prewokout muscle pump. It stacks well with any other preworkout like our Zeus Juice preworkout powder.