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Burn Lite, our HPMC Vegetarian encapsulated fat-burner, has an ultra-potent formula designed to help aid with weight-loss and appetite suppression. Don't let the title fool you. Burn Lite packs a punch with excellent appetite suppression and improved energy and focus all within a single dose!  Purchase a bottle of Burn Lite today!

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  • Amplified Energy Matrix 
  • Appetite Destroyer 
  • Mental Clarity and Focus 
  • Made with HPMC Vegetarian Capsules 
  • All natural

Burn Lite

The next generation in weight loss is here! Burn Lite was formulated with vegetarian capsules to produce a feeling of amplified energy, help with appetite suppression, and boost mental clarity and focus. Get rid of unwanted fat and take your fitness to the next level with Burn Lite!! 


Serving Size: 1 Capsule

Servings Per Container: 60


Burn Lite is not for users who are sensitive to stimulants. If you are not highly experienced with taking fat burners, we recommend starting with the lowest dosing to determine your tolerance.

For optimal results take 1 capsule up to 3 times daily. If multiple servings are taken, they should be spaced throughout the day in equal intervals 6-8 hours apart. We recommend starting with 1 capsule to see what your tolerance is and go up from there. Women should start with 1 capsule daily.

How to Stack: Burn Lite is an intense fat burner and thermogenic. We do not recommend stacking it with any pre-workouts due to its high level of stimulants. Burn stacks well with any pro-hormones or natural muscle builder such as 3AD or 11K Test.


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