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Androsterone retains about 15% of Testosterone’s androgenicity, so while it is somewhat similar to Epiandrosterone in structure, it is considerably more virilizing qualitatively. It’s decidedly more potent quantitatively as well, and this makes it an excellent pre-workout or pre-competition addition to enhance alpha attitude and competitive aggression. This sensation is commonly referred to as feeling “on” and Androsterone delivers it. It is one of the best prohormones online.

Androsterone blood levels and ratios are also a prominent marker for sexual preference, with high Androsterone levels corresponding to a stronger desire for women. Men with high Androsterone levels are also perceived more positively by women, who tend to view them as trusted alpha types.

There are several Androsterone derived steroid esters available on the market today, usually labeled erroneously as “DHEA” with a number next to it, but don’t be fooled. None of them share the potency or benefit of real Androsterone.

AlphaDrone 60mL – 100mg/ML Androsterone

Advanced Delivery – Alpha Carrier(TM)

Fast Acting – Size – Strength – Endurance

Alpha Male Scent

Serving Size: 1ml(5 sprays)

Servings per Conatiner: 60

Apply 1ml(5 sprays) to upper chest or shoulders up to two times daily.

How to Stack: this can be staked with our 11K-Test for optimal results.