About Nutra Innovations


Nutraceutical Innovations is an advanced supplement brand established with integrity and strong pharmaceutical ties. We strive on our ability to innovate not only current product applications but also new ingredient profiles never seen in the Nutraceutical Industry. Our company backs each product with our Research and Development (R&D) process, which ensures safety and transparency for our customers. All of our product profiles maintain relevant, medical & scientific based ingredients & applications, which we believe will revolutionize the industry. We have entered this space not only to provide quality products that work, but also to continually innovate new profiles through technologically advanced pharmaceutical applications -- which are strongly needed for industry growth.


NI’s passion is to educate consumers on and demonstrate the effectiveness of dietary and sports supplements, while helping to prove invalid many of the false misperceptions and negative claims that exist today. Our goal is to provide quality products to consumers that are in no way misleading and that ensure 100% safety and satisfaction. We understand the need for quality, effective products to assist people in accomplishing their weight loss and health improvement goals. We believe in the products we sell, and this strong passion is what enables us to continue to exceed industry standards and expectations.


NI’s promise to itself is to never rely on massive budgets or gimmick marketing tactics to be a key player within the Nutraceutical Industry. Our efforts are 100% focused on the development of truly effective products and formulations using all natural and legal ingredients. Our promise is to always be as transparent as possible about our product & ingredient profiles, all the while protecting our formulas and proprietary knowledge. NI will never ‘sell’ you on a product that won’t do what it says it will do – and we will always back up our claims. So in other words, we will put our money where our mouth is! Don’t believe us? Try Us!


In just 3 remarkable years, our primary business has expanded from a one-room facility to one of the fasting growing manufacturers in the Nutraceutical Industry today. In this short time we have secured a little over 20 mid to large size clients – generating just under $6 million in revenue in 2016 – and we continue to double in size year over year. We have spent zero dollars on marketing; all of our success so far is from word of mouth – a direct result of great business values and practices.