Feel the Burn: Everything You Need to Know about Burn Xtreme

Feel the Burn: Everything You Need to Know about Burn Xtreme

      Our most popular selling product, Burn Xtreme, has built up quite the following; and for good reason. We’ve shipped Burn Xtreme all over the world and have received amazing feedback. From athletes and bodybuilders looking for an edge in the gym, to stay at home moms looking for that extra boost of energy; Burn Xtreme was formulated to be one of the most complete thermogenic fat-burners the market has ever seen. But what makes Burn Xtreme so great, and why is it so effective? Today on the Nutra Blog, we discuss everything you need to know about our amazing fat-burner, Burn Xtreme!

Let’s Start with the Ingredient Profile

When Brett, our owner and CEO, first formulated Burn he wanted a next-generation fat burner that would exceed expectations. Brett decided Caffeine Anhydrous would be a great starting point and foundation for the product due to its ability to increase the activity of the neurotransmitters Dopamine and Glutamine. With 288mg, the results would see users feeling an increase in wakefulness, motivation and improved reaction times. Beta Phenethylamine HCL was included to raise mood and reduce appetite. Where as Yohimbe Bark would act as a CNS stimulant countering any negative sexual performance side effects common when using an abundance of stimulants. Shikakai Leaf was added to the formula to help aid in appetite suppression and give users a boost when it comes to focus. Barley Grass would be used to enhance metabolism, Eleuthero Root would enable prolonged physical activity or endurance, and Mucuna Puriens Extract (L-Dopa) would play a major role in arousal, coordination and an over-all feeling of wellness. In short, Burn Xtreme was formulated to not only boost metabolism, but to raise mental clarity, focus, performance and stamina as well as provide users with an over-all euphoric sense of happiness.

How Can Burn Xtreme be Jammed Packed with Ingredients and Still be so Affordable?

There are thousands of supplement companies on the market today. Pharmaceutical equipment and machinery do not come cheap and can range anywhere between 25k all the way up to millions of dollars. Because of the high cost of the machinery, most supplement companies use private label supplement manufacturing organizations. They tell their supplement manufacturing partner exactly what kind of product they want made, they slap their label on the product, mark it up, and start selling. Luckily, here at Nutra-Innovations, when we first started developing supplement brand’s we quickly realized we needed to bring production in house. Before we knew it, we had a private label manufacturing company of our own. SO why is this important. Most supplement companies, due to lack of infrastructure and start up money,  must mark up their product like crazy because they can’t afford to mass produce thousand of bottles every month on their own. Because we own and operate a successful private label manufacturing facility, every single one of our products on the Nutra-Innovations website is clinically dosed and sold at an amazing price. 

Dosing and Usage

Burn Xtreme is jammed packed with stimulants. Users can take 1 capsule up to 3 times daily. We suggest spacing dosage out, taking your last serving at least 10 hours before bed. But be careful. Due to Burn Xtreme's high stimulant levels, if you’re using other products with high stims such as a pre-workout, be sure to monitor your caffeine intake. 

     Burn Xtreme’s state of the art thermogenic complex will help anyone looking to shred weight and maximize their time in the gym. For more information follow us on social media or reach out to emarketing@nutra-innovations.com. Purchase a bottle of Burn Xtreme today and use coupon code Burn25 for 25% off your entire order!

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