Diet Wars: Keto VS Paleo

Diet Wars: Keto VS Paleo

There are many diet fads that come and go. From the tried and true Atkins Diet, to the more extreme Carnivore Diet. For the most part, each diet has its own unique benefits and should be used based off individual preference and lifestyle. Today on the Nutra Innovations blog, its Diet Wars: Keto VS Paleo!

Bring on the Fat

The Ketogenic Diet is a high fat, moderate protein, and low carb diet that is designed to put your body into nutritional "ketosis”. Starve the body of carbs and teach it to use fat as a source of energy. When your body is in ketosis, as it burns fat it produces ketones, which your cells then use as energy. The extreme keto fans buy blood and urine test strips to test whether their body is in a state of Ketosis. Fat’s make up around 60-80%, proteins make up 20-30% and carbs make up 5-10% of your diet. With the Keto Diet, macro-nutrient intake needs to be tightly controlled. Don’t risk throwing your metabolism out of ketosis. For those of you looking to  lose weight and improve blood sugar control, Keto is the right diet for you.

If a Caveman Can Do It...

The Paleo Diet was designed to duplicate our pre-agricultural diet but in a modern way. If you remember the USDA recommended food pyramid, flip it upside down and you have the Paleo Diet. High protein, low carb is the name of the game. Remove any grains, legumes, and sugar. And eat a lot of meat, eggs, seafood, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. This is the Caveman Diet. For most fans that champion the Paleo Diet, it’s more than just a diet; it’s a strong focus on lifestyle practices, total body wellness and the environmental impact food has as a result of your food consumption choices. 

The Verdict

Both the Keto and Paleo diet’s emphasize whole foods. Whole foods are foods that have undergone a minimal amount of processing. Both promote eliminating ultra-processed foods and promote whole foods such as fish, vegetables and nuts. Both eliminate sugar, grains and legumes. And both can be effective when it comes to weight loss. Keto focuses on macro-nutrients, where as Paleo focuses more on the ideology.

There are many diets and fads that come and go. Although many are effective when it comes to weight-loss, it really comes down to personal preference and lifestyle. In our experience, Paleo is a little less strict, and fits the "every-day-man" lifestyle. Therefore, Paleo is the winner in this head to head match-up. With any diet or fitness lifestyle change, you should consider supplementation to help assist in your efforts. Our fat-burner, Burn Xtreme, was formulated with potent ingredients found in plants and foods. For more Diet Wars, follow us at, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram!    

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